Below are looks I have styled. All product details are listed in the description. 

Looks by Logan  x
Madison Photography 

V. Fun & V. Flirty 

The 90's Gabby & I answered. This sweater/party pony/glasses combo has me feeling like a scene straight out of a sitcom staged in the 90's, and I'm not mad at it. This short sleeved sweater is perfect for the unpredictable temperatures of the fall in Kansas. For this look, I wanted to fully accessorize to fit the cutesy, girly vibe of the sweater, while keeping it casual with this torn & washed style of jeans. Hopefully you can see that the jeans are a very high-waisted style & flexible fabric, making them jeans I reach for in my closet often. I finished the look with a fun & fresh pair of pink combat boots to add a little punky touch, because I have a fear of looking too girly & not feeling like myself. This outfit would perfectly suit any event that involves being outside & is very comfortable, so it would be easy to wear all day. Pictures by Hopes Perspective Photography. Outfit deets below, & enjoy!

Top // Forever 21
Jeans // Fashion Nova
Boots  // NastyGal
Earrings // Shop Riff Raff
Glasses // H&M
Purse // Gap
Gabby Top // Forever 21
Jeans // Trarget

She's a Little Out There

I mean that she's a little out there mainly because I realize that this outfit is probably totally out of a lot of people's comfot zone. And the poking fun doesn'y stop there folks... becauase I can't tell if I'm obsessed with these sunnies, or if I look like one of the tree blind mice...but, I think I fall somewhere in between. (& hopefully that isn't all you can see now lmao) Anyways, now that that's off my chest, we can move onto more important things! Things like the fact that this dress is actually everything. It falls right into my comfort zone both literally & figuratively. Here's why: It's black, which alone could be good enough justification but ill take it a step's ridiculously comfortable, with more of an athletic fit, & it's a half zip, which means you can dress it up or totally down with a pair of tennies. I picture this look to be perfect for a date night involving something sporty, like a night at Top Golf, riding go-carts, or anything along those lines. And can we talk about these platform cheetah booties...while they may be less appealing to the average person, they are an absoulte LOVE for some. I got so many DM's from the teaser photo I posted the day we shot this look, so that was an encouraguing start! Honesly, I'm pretty much loving just about everthing platform right now, so don't knock them till you try them people! Photos by Hope's Perspective Photography. Outfit deets below, & enjoy!

Dress // NastyGal
Sunnies // Amazon
Platform Boot  // NastyGal
Earrings // ASOS

A Western Vibe

I really don't have a lot to say here besides that this is about as country as it gets for me clothing wise. Of course I realize a good portion of my viewers are the real western deal, & would not say this get-up is at all "country," BUT, this is as close as I can get while still feeling myself. However, you could just swap my heel out for a boot & you're ready to hit any western bar or concert you feel. This top, with it's long fringe detail,  is extremely versitile and can be dressed in numerous ways. The skirt, while not seemingly western at all, when paired with the top, & it's off kilter, rough cut is a perfect match. Like I said, I'm more of a heels type of gal, but I do think this look would be amazing with a ankle bootie to make it more casual & comfortable if that is more your vibe. Pictures by one of my faves, Hopes Perspective Photography, who recently left us all for Tennessee so I thought that was fitting. Very sad, but fitting. Outfit deets below, enjoy!

Top  // ASOS
Skirt  // Missguided
Heels  // Nine West
Earrings // ASOS
Bracelet // ASOS

Part 3 // Me as a Girlfriend

 The last, & still notable role in my life is me as a girlfriend. Now, when I say girlfriend, I mean friend of all my gal-pals. (lol) Having a busy two-year-old, schedule, & life makes for a not so poppin' social life most weekends, but my friendships mean the world to me so we get together as often as we can! For this look I wanted a darker, moodier vibe as you can see in comparison to parts one & two.  This is a look I would definitely wear out for dinner & drinks with the girls. Something comfortable, because there could always be a chance of dancing at some point, but still sassy & sophisticated. I need to just point out quickly that this color must be a power color of mine because I feel more like myself in it than almost any other. As I have made very obvious, having an arsenal of graphic tees can take your wardrobe a long way & this look is no exception. This "babes" tee can be totally dressed up (like it is here), or dressed down with a pair of jeans & sneakers. When I see a graphic tee that iI love, I grab it because the posibilities are endless. I paired the tee with this classic black polka-dotted skirt & thicker platform heel, appropriate for the occastion of a night out. I wanted to spice it up with a little color by wearing a pair of statement earrings, something I do often to jazz up a look. Outfit deets below, enjoy! 

Top  // ASOS
Skirt  // Pretty Little Thing
Heels  // ASOS
Earrings // ASOS

All photo credit to Kristen Golden Photography who I will most certainly be working with again soon!

Part 2 // Me as a Business Woman

 Another large role in my life is my  work. The easiest way for me to describe my regular work life is to say that I have a lot going on. I'm a new real estate agent on the scene, I'm a traveling makeup artist  & stylist, a blogger (if that isn't painfully obvious as you're reading this), and a full time mama on top of it all. Like I said, I have a lot going on. While this isn't necessarily what I would wear to travel & do wedding makeup all day, this is what I would be wearing to the real estate closing table, office, or a job training situation. This look is a good mix of bossy and professional, while still allowing me to  feel like myself in this Pepto-Bismol pink. I am liiiving for this somewhat obnoxious set, shoulder pads and all. I paired this suit with an understated, but still fitting, white satin tank with minor lace & button details. This piece, to me, is a must-have in any woman's professional wardrobe. For jewlery I went with a large silver hoop earring, which is for the most part disguised by my hair, but can make an appearance if anyone wants to try me. I finished this look with a white snake print mule that I don't recommend trying to rack miles on your Fitbit in, but they definitely do the job here. Again, all photo credit to Kristen Golden Photography. I HIGHLY recommend her for all your business headshot needs! Outfit deets below, enjoy! 

Suit Set  // TOBI
Top  // ASOS
Heels  // Missguided
Earrings // ASOS

Jenika B. // Fall Wardrobe Building

Goal: Find versitle & weather appropriate items for optimal opportinitues to mix & match through the fall/winter seasons. Build a more solid wardrobe with pieces that can be worn on a night out or to work. Doa lil sweater weather slay. 

All items // Missguided 

Part 1 // Me as a Momma

This fun shoot is brought to you as part one of a three part project I did with Kristen Golden Photography. The idea behind this project was to display three major roles I have in my current life, in hopes that you as the viewer can not only get to know me a little better, but that you can relate to me on some level...whether that is through part one, two, three, or all! I chose this look as part one simply because it is the most important and largest role in my life. Now, a little realness for you mama's looking at this going "theres no way in hell this woman dresses like this to fit the role of mama." You're right!...If I was dressing as me as a mom 6/7 days of the week these pictures would not have been much to look at. The obvious reason being that the only similarity between me and these pictures would be the messy bun on the top of my head. So, for the purposes of your entertainment, and the hot mom who has it together 1/7 days a week that we all aspire to be, here you go. I needed this look to be three things: comfortable, yet still presentable, and practical, because I know my ass is still chasing a two-and-a-half year old around regardless of how cute I look.  I live for a good graphic tee so I thought the saying "I came I saw I was home by nine" couldn't be more fitting. Pairing this basic with a gorgeous & flowey kimono is the perfect way to jazz up a casual graphic tee. This outift can also be very simply translated to fall/winter by pairing it with a pair of jeans. I finished the look with a simple earring, layered bracelets, and a shorter (optional) heel. Outfit deets below, enjoy! 

Graphic  Tee/Kimono // RIFFRAFF
Shorts // Fashion Nova
Heels // Marc Fisher
Earrings // RIFFRAFF
Bracelets // ASOS

Sydney W. // Spicy Wardrobe Update

Goal: Add fun & versitile pieces to an already sassy wardrobe. Create outfits that are aproptiate for going out or a date night. Find pieces that will transition well into the fall. Look BOMB. Job well done. 

Hooded Body Suit // Tobi
Skirt // Pretty Little Thing

T-shirt Dress // Tobi
Belt // Tobi

Crop Top  // Tobi
Dress  //Tobi
Earrings // Tobi

Top  // Pretty Little Thing
Leather Pants  // Pretty Little Thing
Booties // Pretty Little Thing

Top  // Pretty Little Thing
Skirt // Pretty Little Thing
​Necklace // Tobi

Top  // Tobi
Pants  // Tobi
​Booties  // Pretty Little Thing

Top  // Tobi
Dress  // Tobi
​Earrings  // Pretty Little Thing

GLAM // Me

Mama & Madden

Man, I don't know if it's that Madden is getting a little older, that the photographer (@maktographymk) was BOMB at her job, or a combination of the both, but this shoot was an absoulte breeze. I truly feel like these pictures capture Madden's personality & our relationship, beautifuly. We wanted to go for  more of a stripped down, less dramatic vibe with the outfits, to match the stunning & understated backdrop. I cannot give Makenzie Kriss enough credit for just how comfortbale she made us both, where we could truly just have fun & accurtely protray our special bond. Enjoy & outift deets are below!


Dress: ShowPo
Accessories: Hat, Pacsun // Earrings, H&M
Hair & Makeup: Me
Madden Overalls: Gap
Photo Credit: Makezie Kriss (@maktographymk)

Madelyn M. // Vacay Styling 

Goal: Create very fun & sassy outfits for a girls trip to Vegas. Be adventurous, while still feeling like herself. Clothing is weather (aka hot af) approptiate. Turn some heads. Mission accomplished. 

Two piece // Nasty Gal
Hat // Nasty Gal
Earrings: Nasty Gal

Top // ASOS
Skirt // Missguided
Neklace// ASOS
Shoes // ASOS

Dress // Nasty Gal
Belt // Nasty Gal
Earrings: ASOS
Shoes: ASOS

Top // Nasty Gal
Skirt // Nasty Gal
Neklace// ASOS
Shoes // ASOS

Two piece // Nasty Gal
Hat // Nasty Gal
​Earrings: ASOS

Top // ASOS
Skirt // Missguided
Bandana // Missguided
Shoes // ASOS

Styling Makaela's Bump

Goal: Make this beautiful soon-to-be momma feel comfortbale yet fashionable. Fill some gaps in her wardrobe. Use pieces that can be mixed & matched. Emphasis on clothing that will fit code/be appropriate in her work environment (black, white, & grey). 


All tops, accessories, shoes: ASOS

"A Cool Mom" 

Frankly, I just can't get away from the bright colors lately. I used to be an all black, white, grey girl, but for some reason I'm totally attracted to the colors when I'm shopping or scanning my closet for my next outfit. This red faux leather skirt, paired with a more casual graphic tee is doing it for me. & it may not look like it, but comfort level in this outift is a 10/10... aka: perfectly "momable." I paired this look with some trendy, simple, while still spicy, white wedge sandals. To suit the punky vibe of the red leather, I added a little metal in the braid down my hair. I kept my makeup simple as I wanted the hair and skirt to do the talking. Outfit deets below!


Top: ASOS $17.50
Skirt: Missguided $42.00
Shoes: ASOS $35.00
Accessories: ASOS $9.50, & Fiancé ;)
Hair & Makeup: Me
Photo Credit: Rachel Rigler (@rachrigler)

Madison : Country Music Festival

Goal: Three looks. Country with a little Coachella. Flatter her athletic build. Somewhat comforble, as she will be sweating her ass off. Blend in as a "real" country music fan. Look and feel BOMB. 


Top: ASOS $11.50
Bottoms: Fashion Nova $24.99
Shoes: Missguided $34.00
Accessories: ASOS $19.00

Dress: Missguided $31.00
Shoes: Missguided $17.00
Accessories: ASOS $9.50

Top: ASOS $40.00
Bottoms: Fashion Nova $24.99
Shoes: Missguided $17.00
Accessories: ASOS $9.50

"Madden is Two!"

Outfit Detes: Jumpsuit, Fashion Nova. Earrings, Nordstrom Rack. Shoes, Nordstrom Rack. 
Hair & Makeup by me. 
Madden Outfit Detes: Shirt, Nordstrom Rack. Jeans, Old Navy. Shoes, Nordstrom Rack. 
Photo Credit: Rachel Rigler (@rachrigler on instargam) 
If you came to get outfit deets, & look at a few cute pics of my son and I, you're in the right place. But, I have a little more than that to say. Warning: this ones a little senti. My apologies, it's a little late as I'm writing this, & I'm in my feelings. For starters, all creative credit goes to miss Rachel Rigler, who created a beautiful aesthetic &  managed to capture our sweet moments despite my son bawling the literal entire time, (except the last five minutes when we found some rocks he could throw). I thought I should take a second to serve you all some realness, so if you look in the fine details of these pictures, you will notice that the upper half of my jumpsuit is covered in Maddens tears & snot...A possible & likely result of me trying to mix up nap time to accommodate the ideal timing for taking the pictures. You would think after two years is being a mother I would understand the concept of "never wake a sleeping baby." Nevertheless, we carried on, because we have our good, bad, ugly, & everything in between  moments & this is real life. Motherhood isn't always glamorous people, but it is beautiful & I am thankful for it all nonetheless. Madden won't always be in my fashion posts, but for you mamas out there, I thought this was the perfect way to begin. 
On another note, I can finally say with confidence that I'm becoming the woman I've always wanted to be. I don't believe I would have arrived to this place without God making me a mother sooner than I anticipated, two years ago. I couldn't be more grateful for the gift He blessed me with, because now I am actively perusing my passions & creating the life I've always dreamed of. This is a dream coming true for me.
One of my "whys" for starting this new journey is that I want to inspire mothers of all ages, & I want you to know there is life after babies, so take care of yourself, dress up for yourself when you get the chance, rediscover your confidence, and realize above all else that you're so worth it. & Lastly, if you know me or you don't, hopefully you're learning & willing to take this ride with me. I can't wait to let my inner stylist out of the bag, inspire you, and show you all more!