My First Experience With SaltFacial Skin Renewal

As ridiculous as it sounds, if I had to describe my first experience getting a SaltFacial at Virtrvian Health in one word, the word would be "​​​shook." Prior to it, I had only received one other facial in my life. Because of that being a pleasnt experience, & from what I had read online about this facial, I was expecting a good result. Still, my expectations were totally blown through the roof. My initial feeling during & after was that I could literally feel my skin "breathing," a feeling I have never felt before. But, before I get too far into that I want to explain the process a little.
This particular facial is broken down into three parts.
The facial begins with the all natural sea salt exfoliation treatment. What happens during this phase is that while the salt is penetrating your skin through the tool, it is also removing the entire first layer of your skin. The feeling it like a suction on your face, while you can also feel the tiny beads of salt shooting into your skin. While that might sound harsh, the technology makes it so that there is little to no swelling of your skin afterwards and no downtime at all. The no downtime was one of the things that was most attractive to me, given the fact that I had a photo session scheduled just two days after the treatment, & I didn't have to put my life on hold because of it.
The second phase is the replenishing Utrasound. Now, because the skin is nice & fully exfoliated, it is ready for the replacement of it's vital nutrients that have been stripped by the harsh environment we live in today. This Ultrasound technology is able to drive these nutrients  2x deeper into the lower levels of our skin then when just allied topically. During the process, collagen is stimulated to reform for healthier, younger, more-supple looking skin. For this eight whole minutes of utlrasound circling my face, I was  completelty relaxed. But, EVEN BETTER, when the eight minutes was up & I pulled out my phone out to look, I was in total shock. My skin was glowing like never before & looked dramatically more plump and hydrated.
The facial is completed with the Rejuvinating LED Light Therapy. You are given protecting eye wear & then they put the wrap-around panels of red light on top of your face to sit for 20 minutes. This is where I just passed tf out. As a momma, 20 minutes of completely undisturbed rest is absolutely amazing, but to sit under a light that is promoting collage, removing any redness/inflammation, AND helping with my pigmentation issues, WHILE I'm sleeping...THAT is nothing short of a dream come true. 
So, my final parting thoughts are that I would absolutely recommend this facial to anyone with any skin type. The reason is that this facial can help with such a broad spectrum of skin issues & I clearly am obsessed with my results. I am writing this post now days later & my skin has never felt so soft. Also, my makeup for the pictures ended up looking amazing so I am sold. If you would like to see pictures & videos of my experience, they are viewable in the highlight bubble labeled "SaltFacial" on my instagram profile. I also tagged Vitruvian Health's instagram page so you can setup your apointment with them there!

Shit I'm Going To Convince You To Buy From Target

...not that any of us need any convincing at all to buy some more stuff from Target, but it sounded good. Alright guys, here first "lifestyle post." Confession: Okay, while I was over the moon excited to do this, because I am dying to make posts that you all can really connect to on a everyday life basis, this shoot was probably the most out of my comfot zone that I've been, yet. I am used to, and comfotbale with, posing for my shoots at this point, & so to be followed around just living our life was a very different experience for me to say the least. At first I was unhappy with the turnout, but since, I've had some time to marinate on it. I think the issues was  just me being stuck inside of the comfort bubble I have created myself. Knowing that no growth comes from being comfortabale, I'm saying F*** it! This section of my blog can create a real chance for me to be vulnerable & transparent with you all, and I feel like my blog needs it...well really, I need it.
I could ramble on that subject all day, but i'll keep it simple by saying that I think were all ultimately looking for something to connect with or relate to. And up until now, I've posted & portrayed a very picture perfect life. While that looks good on the outside, it's hardly a smidge of what life really looks like for me being a single momma & entrepreneur. Man, I feel better already. SO, now that I have free range to be all over the place, because that's where I feel like I'm at with all of  this, I hope you find a piece of me to connect with. 
You might feel like you just got puked on, but I promise I'm very close to starting the part where I actually share my life & doggone favorite things to buy at Target. The purpose of this post is for me to take you on a journey through Target with my  two-and-a-half-year-old, picking up either items I am constantly refilling, or items I am only able to purchase at Target.  So, without further ado, heres a normal day in the life of me. 
If you have ever been into Target with a toddler, you know that you have to avoid the toy section for as long as physically possible, or the entire trip could be a total bust. For that reason, I always hit the complete opposite side of the store first, which just happens to be my personal favorite, the beauty/home section. Item #1 that I snag at least every few trips to target, this ​​Dr. Bronners Pure-Castile Soap. A total game changer folks. I have discussed this briefly in another (shorter) post, but I  first discovered this soap on my journey of trying to find a soap that wasn't going to irritate my childs eczema-prone skin. The first of the soaps that I tried (& loved) for him, was the blue "Hemp baby unscented" soap.  Since, I have tried several others. My mom is hooked on the Hemp Peppermint, my sister - the Hemp Tea Tree, I use the Hemp Rose, and Madden & I both love the Hemp Lavender. With this soap, a very little goes a long way, & it's just an overall feel good-smell good, natural, product. 
Now, if you know me, or probably even if you don't, you could guess that I don't miss an opportunity to hit the makeup asiles. I'm so committed to the grind that I even keep a list in the notes section of my phone specifically for the drugstore beauty products I want to try, or need to refill. I find these products though the influencers I follow on either YouTube or Instagram. Now, I use all type of products, drugstore-high end, I don't discriminate. So, whoever you are, either the person who can't afford anything but drugstore, or the person who thinks everything at the drugstore is crap, I got you. I am here for both, & in my experience, I can tell you with full confidence, that some drugstore products are my absolute favorite, ride-or-die products over high-end.  That all being said, two things you should consider putting in the drugstore makeup section of your notes: The ​NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, & the L'Oreal Infallible Foundation
In my hand is the ​​NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. I discovered this product through a YouTube "beauty guru" who I totally value the opinion of. The two shades that she recommended getting were called "Stockholm", a warmer, but still nude pink, & "Abu Dhabi," a very neutral nude. I got both, & I haven't looked back. The formula of the product is technically matte, but it is called a cream for the reason that it doesn't dry down and get crusty or uncomfortable to wear like most mattes. It is a very soft, butter-like formula. Keep in mind that this product is not like other matte liquid lipsticks that will withstand the test of time or eating, etc. This is something I am totally okay with though, because I value the comfort & finish of this product more than the longevity. If I do need it to last all day, I simply bring it with & touch-up throughout the day.
My other must-have before we leave the makeup aisle *tear* is the ​​​L'Oreal Infallible Foundation in both the Pro-Glow & Pro-Coverage formulas. If you have been a client of mine in the last year, it was this foundation combination that set the stage for you to look like a bag of money. I have been using these two products since they came out & I couldn't be happier with them. The L'Oreal Infallible line has been loved and raved about by almost everyone who has tried it. I stopped using my then favoirte, Too Faced Born This Way foundation when I discovered this combo. It is really just an added bonus that both foundations combined still cost less AND last longer than my Too Faced foundation. These are staple products in my makeup kit that have universally looked great on all my clients skin tones & skin types to date. 
One of my very favorite things to do is to mix my foundations. & while mixing the two of these foundation is an absolute match made in full-coverage heaven, I almost always take it a step further by adding an illuminator, oil, or whatver I feel like it may still need.  [Extra] But, while we're on the subject of L'Oreal products, I need to make light of the illuminator I find myself mixing in very often, & that is the ​​​​L'Oreal True Match  Lumi Glowtion (not pictured). If you're someone with dry-combination skin, or someone who really appreciates a good glow, this step is perfect for you. Also, no, it won't make your entire face look like a disco ball, becauase some do, it just adds a very natural glow. The last thing I need to say before this rave is over, is that because they do offer these foundations at such a fair price point, getting refills or a darker/lighter shades for various reasons really isn't an issue. Bless. 
Moving right along, I bring you the hair product I use to keep Madden's perfect little curls in check. This is the ​​​Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie that I normally purchase in the kids version but it was sold out. This hair gell/cream has a great smell & so far, hasn't irritated his very sensitive skin. A win-win.
*when you go to the store in a differnet city than you reside to avoid seeing anyone you know* 

*sees someone you know in the first five minutes*
If you haven't picked up on it yet, there's a real correlation between the products I choose to use, & how those affect Madden given his sensitive skin. Well, this product is no different. Before the bad eczema flare-ups I used what I always have, and that was Tide. It look about a year for Madden to develop a real irritation to this product, but when he did, it was severe. So, what I suggest to new & even not-so-new mommas is to go with a natural detergent from the start just to be safe! This sounds awful, but using a different detergent when Madden  was born never even crossed my mind. When these flare-ups started I eliminated just about every single factor I could think of becaue I was desperate for the little guy to get back to having totally healthy skin. Since making the switch to this ​Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent in & Fabric Softener (both in the Lavender scent), we have seen exponential improvement in controlling the issue. I have not one bad thing to say regarding this product, I am so thankful I found it!
Now, for the last of the products related to sensitive skin, these are the Target brand ​​​​​Up & Up Sensitive Skin Wipes. To no surpise at all, the Huggies wipes I had been using for a year, started to very much irritate Madden's skin like everything else. In the search for a wipe that didn't, another momma recommended these wipes to me, & I have never looked back!  They also come in very convenient smaller on-the-go packs. I keeps packs of these wipes literally everywhere so I always have them for the zillion times you need them as a momma! 
At this point, Madden is getting very antsy about heading to the toy aisle, but I never miss a chance to at least scan the toddlers clothing section. Depending on the day, & Mad's mood, he might be  very interested in looking at the clothing, today wasn't one. 
Before I discovered ​​​Cat & Jack at Target, I basically bought all of Madden's clothes from Gap, Old Navy, Tj Maxx, and Nordstrom Rack. Since, it feels like the large majority of what we own is Cat & Jack. You guyssss these clothes are just the cutest ever, & while the pricing is still comparable to most of the other stores I just mentioned, I find myself buying these most. Both Madden's sweater & hat are Cat & Jack, for example. They offer very casual styles, but also more dressy options for occasions like Thanksgiving & Christmas. 
We are kind of an all-over-the-place mess between wherever Madden feels like hangout out throughout the trip. He is rarely ever in the front cart basket, because riskily hanging on the side of the cart or making me hold is 30+ lb little butt just seems to make more sense in his mind. 
Look! On Madden's relentless persit to find the toys, we found a cute & cozy little playhouse, perfect for grabbing our favorite book, & camping out quick. I was originally gifted this book at my baby shower, by another mama, & it has become one of our very favorite. The book is called "In My Heart: A Book About Feelings" by Jo Witek. While the illustation could not have been done better, I love it mostly because it talks about feelings like happiness, bravery, sadness, shyness, etc., & I think it's a very good way for a child to recognize & begin to understand those feelings. It feels like the large majoirty of  books for children don't address basic feelings like these, so I love that Madden enjoy's it. I have since gifted this book to several of my mama friends, so if you're looking for a cute & educational gift idea, this is it! 
Anddd finally, we have arrived to the toy section that I honesly could not hold off on any longer. Madden's current obsessions are all things Marvel, dinosaurs, & cars. You can see the joy in his face. Now, keep in mind that I have mentally prepared myself to be in these aisles at least 15 minutes so I don't look that upset either. What will he decide on today? There's no telling. Confession: I did bribe him before the trip, that if he could make it through the store peacefully, he could pick out a toy. Judge me.  
After trying on every mask & claw in the place, & the added pressure of me letting him know he had all of five more seconds to decide, he finally decided on the Black Panther claw. Which as you can tell, he loved,  and we were able to make a very smooth transition from the toy department to the next on the list. Keep in mind, this is not always the case...on a bad day, there's plenty of tears & a stressed out/over-it mama. 
With the best distraction in Madden's hands, you can now see that he is perfectly content sitting in the front basket, & it came at the best time for me. If you're beginning to notice, I am no rookie on how to get through just about the entire store, in a very calculated manner. It honestly makes me laugh, becuase before Madden, I never realized just how euphoric a trip to Target alone was. Anyways, if you've never looked, you've got to check out the organization section. Today, I picked up a small white organizer that I wanted to sit on top of my desk, but as you can see the choices are endless.
The other underrated section in Target, in my opinion, is the bedding. I'm sure you're aware that the decor sold here is some of the best, so this shouldn't come as a huge surprise. I bought my most recent comfoter/quilt from here, & I have been very happy with it. I also bought both Madden's more light-weight blankets for his bed in this section, as well as two of the pillows on his bed. So, if you're on the market for some great qulity, & competively priced bedding, this is all you. 
We wrapped up the trip by heading to the self-checkout, which is what I almost always do, because if you're anthing like me, at this point you've exhausted your patience & are ready to get the hell out of the store. So much that you would rather do so without waiting in line, or chatting with the sweet cashier who is trying to make small talk, but you're just not in the mental head space for even that. I hope you enoyed this post, to say it was different & a lot more challenging for me, would be an understatement. More to come in the future! All photo credit to Kyla Leighanne Photography.